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What is involved in testing different sites?

A builder

A builder contacted me one afternoon, requiring his tools to be tested and tagged urgently. Forty-five minutes later I was onsite and testing his tools and leads. Three of his tools required repair and these repairs were completed with the tools becoming electrically compliant and more importantly safe again. He had three further leads offsite and arrangements were made to have those onsite the following day. A return visit saw all his equipment tested and tagged and in a safe and compliant state.

A civil engineering company

I was required to be onsite in South Auckland at 7:00am. The site visit commenced with a pre-arranged toolbox talk with all staff on basic electrical safety with an emphasis on how to keep themselves and their mates safe and how to look after their tools and what to watch out for. Then all 44 of their tools were tested and tagged. Three tools failed their visual examination with damage to the leads. These tools were repaired onsite, tested, tagged and back in operation by 10am.

Construction tools are required to be re-tested in three months and so a return visit in three months saw the tools re-tested and two further minor repairs completed. The offices were visited and tested a week later thus ensuring their entire operation electrically compliant and ensuring safety to all their staff. Solving what is often a minor problem is a specialty and often going the extra mile to ensure the client is happy.

A large company

A company with around 100 computer workstations made contact requiring their premises to be tested and tagged. Due to the nature of their business, access to the premises could only be on weekends. The first weekend saw two thirds of their workstations completed. The following weekend only required Saturday to complete all workstations, offices, meeting rooms, kitchen and a room containing spare computers, monitors and leads. In just under 800 items tested, the only failures were 12 computer leads that were replaced.