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Want a quick home upgrade you will love? Replace existing lights with LED versions and no longer have to regularly change light bulbs. There is often a significant power saving when you change to LED as well. 

Need extra power points in your home or business? Remove those annoying extension leads by having additional power points installed. Get power points installed where you need them.

Tired of changing fuses? Or unsure which fuse is actually blown? Upgrade your switchboard to a modern version with circuit breakers and RCD’s (RCD = an electrical safety device which provides protection by constantly monitor the electric current flowing along a circuit and rapidly disconnecting the electricity supply in situations where someone could otherwise receive a fatal electric shock).

At CDI we do it all with quick efficient and safe service you can trust. We look forward to providing you the electrical solution you need so get in touch today.


Do you want to change your lights to LED? Has your power gone out but everyone else in the street has power? Do you require extra power points in your house?

Do you have electrical issues within your house? 

Are you having renovations completed or building a new house and require an electrician? Get in touch today.


Is your commercial premises being renovated or do you need extra data cabling laid? Do you have equipment that you need inspected with thermal imaging equipment? 

Thermal imaging is a quick way to identify equipment likely to fail and CDI Electrical has thermal imaging equipment onboard. For all your commercial requirements contact CDI Electrical.


Testing and Tagging involves visual inspection and electrical testing of electrical devices. Once deemed safe and compliant, the item is then tagged with an approved label.

Get smart! Ensure you, your staff and clients are safe, your site meets Worksafe NZ requirements and your electrical equipment complies with your insurance policy today.

Other Services

Thermal imaging is used to detect poor electrical connections and excessive heat within motors/pumps that may result in total halt or start a fire. It involves a special camera that can easily identify heat spots within your premises. This is simple preventative maintenance that could save money by allowing an item to be repaired prior to complete failure or in the worst case scenario, prevent a fire. Ideally suited for identifying potentially "fire starting" loose electrical connections, pump and motor windings running hotter than normal or identifying areas of a business or home where heat is being lost.

Personalised asset registers are available. Data is collected each time an appliance or lead is tested and added to the client file. Registers can be customised to the client's requirements.

Microwave oven leakage testing can be conducted on any site to ensure that no harmful radiation is being emitted from your microwave at home or in the workplace.


CDI Electrical - Darren Registered Master Electrician - West Auckland
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CDI Electrical - Darren Registered Electrician - West Auckland